Blogmas Day 8 – Favourite Bloggers

I thought I’d share some Christmas love and link some of my current favourite bloggers (hopefully they don’t mind) whilst sharing a bit about them. Go check them out!

Cider with Rosie

“On Cider with Rosie, I share the little moments and joys that make our life together so wonderful… Here you’ll find stories & photographs from our day to day life (which I like to call ‘our happy mundane’, because it really, truly is), recipes we’re currently enjoying, lists of the things making me happiest each week, and collections of recent creative inspiration.”

Mel Eaglestone

“I love to read and review books, have an unhealthy love for make-up products and drink enough tea to keep a small army well watered when I’m working on something – usually at the laptop tapping away posts for this blog.”

The Private Life of a Girl

“Since its beginning in 2013, The Private Life of a Girl has become a space for people who are looking to simplify their lives and their style through achievable minimalism: getting rid of the things that do not make you happy to make room for things that do. A simpler way of living that is purposeful, intentional, and sustainable.”

Words Left Unspoken

“I started Blogging back in 2010 when I was just 15 – I started on Tumblr and slowly gained popularity for my Writing about all things love, loss, and life – accumulating over 100,000 followers on just Tumblr alone – I took the leap of faith and with the help of my boyfriend, Michael, I moved on to hosting my own site, and voila, here you are!”


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