Fuck It Do What You Love – The Letter to Older Me

My first task it to write a letter from 17-year old me to present me, so here it is.

Dear Older Kym,

I wonder if you’ve finally decided what to do with your life? At the moment you’re not being ‘teacher’-pressured into applying for university as it just doesn’t seem like the right thing for you. Full time education has been a ball ache and to be honest I can’t think of anything worse than continuing on with it. Also, the whole social side of meeting new people and moving away freaks me you us out if we’re being honest.

Whatever we’re doing I just hope it’s something that we enjoy and something that we can build a career from. At the moment I get joy from the little things in life such as bombing around in my KA and binge watching Friends, but maybe when I’m older I’ll start to enjoy the more grown up, sophisticated things in life such as dinner parties and ironing.

No matter what happens, I hope we’re happy and that we surround ourselves with happy people who love us for who we are.


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