Fuck It Do What You Love – The What I Love Journal

This is a record of the things that I used to love, currently love and could potentially love. It’s meant to be continuously updated as I come across more things I love or remember more things that I used to love doing.

What do you love doing?

  • Stroking my cats
  • Being cuddled up with a blanket when it’s cold and raining outside
  • Walking arm in arm with Alex and talking about everything and anything
  • Sleeping
  • Being a passenger in the car on long journeys (preferably en route to a holiday destination)
  • Making a to do list and ticking it off as I complete each task
  • Organising
  • Cuddling
  • Being in the water, not necessarily to swim but just to play games and mess around
  • Playing catch
  • Reading
  • Playing board games and winning
  • Singing along to music and having a dance
  • Writing
  • Having breakfast, lunch or dinner with people – filling our bellies and nattering
  • Having a clean and tidy house, workspace and car
  • Having time on my own
  • Choclittttttt
  • Solving my own problems and other peoples
  • Putting the world to right with my friends and family

What did you used to love doing?

  • Playing in the garden with my brother
  • Dancing
  • Lying on my back and listening to music
  • Shopping
  • Sitting around chatting to my friends
  • Bus journeys (the quiet ones)
  • Getting good grades
  • Spending hours on end watching mindless YouTube videos

What can you imagine loving doing in the future?

  • Having a family
  • Teaching people how to solve problems
  • Helping others
  • Road tripping around the UK and Europe
  • Travelling with my family and exploring hidden gems
  • Exercising and eating well
  • Getting married
  • Going outside
  • Being out of my comfort zone…occasionally
  • The summer


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