Fuck It Do What You Love – Going Deep-Sea Fishing

The aim of these questions is to generate some more ideas about what you’d really love to do.

Putting aside any ‘Yes, buts’, without limits, and with the biggest of ‘Fuck Its’, what would you like to have?

I’d like a huge country manor house with a thatched roof and pretty flowers in the garden. It’d be where all of my family and friends like to gather and would be a completely open house where everybody felt comfortable. Oh and I’d also like a Landrover Defender.

Putting aside any ‘Yes, buts’, without limits, and with the biggest of ‘Fuck Its’, what (or who) would you like to be?

I’d like to be Emma Stone, well at least I think I would, she comes across as having a care-free ‘fuck it’ attitude and she’s also hilarious (or Jennifer Lawrence, not fussy).

I’d also like to be anxiety free and not have a worry in the world. LIVE IN THE PRESENT.

Putting aside any ‘Yes, buts’, without limits, and with the biggest of ‘Fuck Its’, what would you like to do?

I’d like to graduate and get a masters without doing any of the work. I’d also like to buy a B&B and give it to the homeless people where I live so they could live there and work there and make it into a business to also help others – like a pay it forward scheme but for homes and livelihoods, not just food. I’d like to move house and start a family and get married. I’d like to learn how to cook and to dance (not at the same time).

Fuck It Do What You Love – Going Fishing

Some questions to help me think more about what I love to do.

If you could take a year off, what would you do?

I’d like to take my family on a big holiday to Orlando for about a month. Then I’d like to buy some land and begin to design and build my dream home with Alex.

Who do you look at and say ‘Ah, they live the life’?

Probably the Michalaks, they get to spend quality family time together and make memories that will last a life time. They maintain a good work/life balance and are really showcasing that doing what you love can be possible.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Listening to relaxing acoustic music when I’m going about my daily tasks. I also love to just forget about all of the things I have to do and take a nap.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

This is a tough one as the fear of failure is embedded in us all. I think if I knew that I would definitely not fail then I would set up my coffee shop idea but also learn enough that I would be able to mentor people on how to also start up their dream businesses and make them successful.

Fuck It Do What You Love – The What I Love Journal

This is a record of the things that I used to love, currently love and could potentially love. It’s meant to be continuously updated as I come across more things I love or remember more things that I used to love doing.

What do you love doing?

  • Stroking my cats
  • Being cuddled up with a blanket when it’s cold and raining outside
  • Walking arm in arm with Alex and talking about everything and anything
  • Sleeping
  • Being a passenger in the car on long journeys (preferably en route to a holiday destination)
  • Making a to do list and ticking it off as I complete each task
  • Organising
  • Cuddling
  • Being in the water, not necessarily to swim but just to play games and mess around
  • Playing catch
  • Reading
  • Playing board games and winning
  • Singing along to music and having a dance
  • Writing
  • Having breakfast, lunch or dinner with people – filling our bellies and nattering
  • Having a clean and tidy house, workspace and car
  • Having time on my own
  • Choclittttttt
  • Solving my own problems and other peoples
  • Putting the world to right with my friends and family

What did you used to love doing?

  • Playing in the garden with my brother
  • Dancing
  • Lying on my back and listening to music
  • Shopping
  • Sitting around chatting to my friends
  • Bus journeys (the quiet ones)
  • Getting good grades
  • Spending hours on end watching mindless YouTube videos

What can you imagine loving doing in the future?

  • Having a family
  • Teaching people how to solve problems
  • Helping others
  • Road tripping around the UK and Europe
  • Travelling with my family and exploring hidden gems
  • Exercising and eating well
  • Getting married
  • Going outside
  • Being out of my comfort zone…occasionally
  • The summer


Fuck It Do What You Love – The Letter to Younger Me

The next step is to write a letter from a 70 year old me to the present me.

Dear Younger Me,

You’ve always said how much you love old people, and now you are one! Doesn’t time fly, whether you’re having fun or not.

Great news, everything went to plan and you’ve aged happily and healthily with your dearest family and friends. Also, bonus points, you’re yet to smell like lavender and urine!

One bit of advice, stop trying to guess what’s going to happen in the future and live in the present as one day there won’t be that much of the future left to anticipate (that took a bit of a bleak turn).


Fuck It Do What You Love – The Letter to Older Me

My first task it to write a letter from 17-year old me to present me, so here it is.

Dear Older Kym,

I wonder if you’ve finally decided what to do with your life? At the moment you’re not being ‘teacher’-pressured into applying for university as it just doesn’t seem like the right thing for you. Full time education has been a ball ache and to be honest I can’t think of anything worse than continuing on with it. Also, the whole social side of meeting new people and moving away freaks me you us out if we’re being honest.

Whatever we’re doing I just hope it’s something that we enjoy and something that we can build a career from. At the moment I get joy from the little things in life such as bombing around in my KA and binge watching Friends, but maybe when I’m older I’ll start to enjoy the more grown up, sophisticated things in life such as dinner parties and ironing.

No matter what happens, I hope we’re happy and that we surround ourselves with happy people who love us for who we are.


Fuck It Do What You Love – The Questionnaire

According to ‘Fuck It Do What You Love’ this questionnaire will help you to find out how much you’re doing what you love.

Overall, how much do you love your job?

     little     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10     lots

Overall, out of work hours, do you manage to do what you love?

     not really     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10     yes really

How many things are there that you’d love to do, but don’t?

     1     2     3     4     5     6     7         9     10

When you were young, were you doing what you loved more or less than you are now?

     less   1     2     3         5         7     8     9     10     more

Can you imagine a situation where you’re doing significantly more of what you love than now?

     not really   1     2     3         5         7     8     9     10     oh yeah

Blogmas Day 3 – Selling Your House at Christmas Time

Our house is on the market, scary times! We were a bit reluctant about whether to put our house up for sale during the winter months, as we assumed most people would be focusing on Christmas and saving money – rather than making one of the biggest purchases ever.

However we eventually decided just to go with it, here’s what swayed us:

  1. Homes listed in the winter sell faster – you may not believe it but when you think about it, there are less houses on the market meaning there’s less competition.
  2. More people will see your house – the days between Christmas and New Year where people are off work hold the most hits on websites such as Rightmove (there were over 1 million people browsing Rightmove on Boxing Day last year!).
  3. Serious buyers only – buyers who are looking around Christmas time are often pretty serious about buying a house. Trust me, it’s not fun looking round homes when it’s freezing cold and raining and you definitely don’t do it for fun.

How to: save money at Christmas

Click & Collect

Save on postage by getting your items sent to a post office or store near you and collect them for free.


Get cashback on some of the products you buy by signing up to a cashback site like topcashback.


By planning and preparing for Christmas early you can start to buy bits throughout the year, making it less of a huge hit on your bank balance before Christmas.

Student Discount

If you’re a student then make sure you sign up to student discount apps such as UniDays and NUS – every 10% counts and you can find some amazing deals!

Research Online

It’s no good just hitting the high street without doing any prep work beforehand, by researching online you can save yourself a lot of money – especially in the high street shops that price match!



How to: save money

Every little helps and all that so below I’ve listed 5 money saving tips that are pretty easy to stick to:

  • Make your own lunch – you don’t need to be wasting your money on shitty meal deals every day so put some effort in and make your own lunch! If you stopped spending £3 a day on buying lunch out you could save yourself nearly £800 a year.
  • Make a list – don’t go food shopping without a meal plan and a list and especially don’t go when you’re hungry! By sticking to a list you reduce the chances of impulse buying three baguettes and a vat of houmous.
  • Get pre-paid prescriptions – if you find yourself needing more than four different prescriptions a month then it’s worth getting a Prescription Prepayment Certificate. For a four item prescription you’ll save nearly £300 a year!
  • Review your bills – shop around as much as you can when it comes to things like insurance and bills. Price comparison websites are a gem when it comes to this and just a simple swap can save you hundreds of pounds a year.
  • Use vouchers – this seems like a pretty obvious one, but before you purchase anything make sure you check to see if there are any special offers or vouchers.

How to: save your nails after gels/acrylics


So you’ve picked off your manicure (and probably the top layer of your actual nail) and now you’re left with weak, rough nails that break at the mere thought of opening a can of Coke. So what can you do now?

  1. Cut your nails – trust me, they may look long but they are definitely not strong.
  2. Oil them up – get some vitamin E oil or cuticle oil and slather your nails.
  3. Hand and nail cream – after the initial layer of oil has soaked in, make sure you regularly moisturise with some hand and nail cream. Get yourself some Michael Jackson gloves for the added bonus of intensely moisturising whilst you sleep.
  4. Gently buff them – just to even out your nails and stop any more peeling.
  5. Don’t panic – your nails will return to normal, just give them a few weeks and stop picking at them!

How to: become an effective leader

I’m sure everyone recalls times where they were lead by an uneffective leader. Those who fail to communicate with the team, those who just chase up completion dates and those who are gutless and do not stand up for their own opinion.

I personally, cannot think of anything worse than actually becoming one of those names that cause a widespread groan amongst a team, so I follow so pretty basic steps when taking the lead:

  1. Be honest – be open with your team and don’t be afraid to admit when you’ve made mistakes. Celebrate success but also recognise failure as a learning curve.
  2. Be responsive – learn how to recognise when a team member may not be in a great mood and adjust your communication and attitude accordingly.
  3. Get organised – do you really think people are going to have faith in a leader that forgets to attend meetings or loses important bits of paperwork?
  4. Assess yourself – look at your own strengths and weaknesses, instead of ranting on about other peoples.
  5. Motivate team members – inspire others to make contributions by offering guidance and examples rather than just shouting out your demands. Lead by example and work with your team.

Last but not least, my favourite leadership picture that just sums everything up.